Private Instant Verified Transaction

PIVX is an open source technology supported by a global community of creators, innovators, and technology-enthusiasts. We believe in privacy, freedom, and security. We aim to create a decentralized, self-governing platform that supports our rights and beliefs. Together we work towards a priavacy-protected future.


We believe in decentralized, community governance. If you have a stake in the network or show commitment to the team, you are involved.


Privacy in non-negotiable, it’s a basic human right. Freedom is everything. Technology is advancing, governance must also. Privacy allows the freedom to share what you wish with everyone, but also the freedom to restrict who sees your information. We believe this is each person’s choice. Governance is used to further objectives and fund development.

Contribution / Funding

PIVX utlizies a budgetary proposal system that allows for community contribution to funding and development. This system is decentralized to foster innovation and community development.

Getting Started

Getting started with PIVX is easy. We are an active group of developers, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Looking to take the best of cryptocurrency and make it better. There are lots of ways to help. Join the Slack or BitcoinTalk community channels if you are interested in learning more. Speak to anyone on the team to get involved.


Wallets are available for all operating systems. Mobile and decentralized wallets in development.


A number of major exchanges have PIVX available for trading against both fiat and BTC.


The PIVX community is large and growing.


If you are interested in joining the development team, contact us.


The PIVX network is sustained by both stakers and masternodes; creating powerful security.

Community Guidelines

PIVX Is A Community For Everyone

And everyone is welcome. We believe in privacy, but we also believe in freedom of speech. The community is a place for everyone to be expressive, but we ask that you show consideration to all members of the community of all ages.

We Value Contribution

PIVX is an open source community project that can only advance through the efforts of the collective. From innovative proposals, to development and community administration, participation from everyone is valued greatly.

We Are A Democracy

We vote on everything. From budgetary proposals through masternodes on future development to community voting in Slack on brand and communication. Community votes on project direction are encouraged.

We Don’t Have Community Rules, We Have Guidelines. Anyone Can Join. Anyone Can Participate.

We Voted On These Guidelines To Guide Project Advancement.

1. Let’s Focus On PIVX

This project is about PIVX. We encourage dialogue about other cryptocurrencies, other technologies, and other innovations, but please avoid marketing or hyping other projects in the PIVX channel.

2. Privacy Is Important

Privacy is extremely important to the community. Please avoid any action that would reveal either personal information or the identity anyone in the community if not already public.

3. Don’t Troll Or Support Trolling

Don’t harrass or attack anyone to illicit a response. Don’t personally attack anyone, don’t name-call and don’t threaten.

4. Keep NSFW Out Of Public Channels

PIVX is project for everyone. Some members of the team are under eiighteen, and some members of the team would not like to be exposed to NSFW content. If you want to share adult content, please share in either private channels or through personal communication.

5. Let’s Avoid Politics

We have a pretty diverse set of opinions. Let’s keep the discussion a-political.

6. Illegal/Illicit Activity Will Not Be Tolerated

PIVX is a privacy and anonymous focussed technology. Discussion of any illegal activity, or illicit conduct will not be tolerated. Any disussion on application must strictly allign to technology, and not usage.

7. Resolve Disagreements Respectfully

We all have different opinions on direction. Everyone’s opinion is valid. We disagree, but that is a good thing. Diversity of opinion will drive success. If you disagree, be respectful to everyone, and let’s resolve issues to advance the project.

Latest Version


Released: January 22nd, 2017
22 Days Ago

Details: First rebranded wallet release for PIVX. Added BIP38 Private Key encryption / decryption with option to import BIP38 Encrypted Keys into wallet.